Quality Built, LLC is one of the largest and most respected third-party quality assurance firms in the country. Over the last decade, we have conducted almost 300,000 inspections of homes, condominium units and commercial development projects – we venture to say that is more inspections than any other company in the United States. As we reflect on the data collected by these inspections from a “30,000 foot level” there are some general trends and observations that become very apparent. This article summarizes some of the important trends and themes that we have observed.

For over ten years, Quality Built has collected data on acceptable and unacceptable construction practices, measuring Risk Factors and Risk Dollars. We maintain and are able to mine and analyze the greatest volume of construction inspection data in the world. Because of our experience and data bank, Quality Built is able to do what no other company can do and that is: “Quantify Quality.” This report sets forth some of our observations on Quantifying Quality.

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