What is QB Builder Link®?

QB Builder Link is the next generation of property management, which has proven increased management efficiency while reducing time and costs.

The flexible technology platform linked to industry protocols is backed by more than 200 years of combined engineering experience.

How does QB Builder Link® save time and money?

  • Provides standards and timelines for conducting and documenting critical maintenance activities Establishes an enduring low cost program that is scalable
  • Provides documentation for move-in/move-out condition of apartments/rentals
  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to create material lists for necessary repairs
  • Reduces waste and tracks overbilling for materials used on-site
    Tracks construction punch lists and tasks with a simple click
    Runs and distributes comprehensive quality, trend and status reports
  • Captures construction quality data and photos that reduce risk and insurance costs Automates manual processes and enhances reporting capabilities
  • Offers a flexible, expandable platform
    Acts as a quarterback in organizing third party agencies such as fire suppression/sprinkler inspectors, elevator inspectors, etc.
  • Eliminates or reduces redundancy between scopes of work.
    Automates the draw process and documents percentages of completion of work.
  • Becomes a per unit material and product inventory system (simplifies recalls/product failures). Standardizes protocols between properties to maintain consistent standards.
  • Ensures all work is performed by the approved department or vendor.

How do you implement a maintenance program using QB Builder Link®?

  • You Provide us with a set of plans and/or building schematic, systems list and any existing maintenance protocols in effect.
  • You Provide us with a material and product list (if known) and copies of service contracts.
  • Quality Built will create a template which will identify the maintenance task to be performed specific to each area and will define intervals.
  • Quality Built will register internal maintenance staff, vendors, special inspectors and report recipients in the system.
  • Schedule training! Implement program!

QB Builder Link® is a uniform strategy approach to reporting data, on a nationwide basis, for companies with a view to the future!

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