Since 1996, Quality Built has provided traditional third party quality assurance services for various types of construction throughout North America. Quality Built provides comprehensive inspection programs to optimize contractor and subcontractor performance, while mitigating construction defect claims.

Insight and Knowledge Today; Assurance for Tomorrow.

Quality Built, LLC® is recognized as the nation’s leading construction quality assurance firm and is the only firm of its type whose Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 registered. Quality Built applies emerging technologies which are scalable as part of our methodology for achieving operational excellence.

Our Third Party Quality Assurance Programs provide independent, unbiased evaluations of high risk components from pre-pour structural foundations through interior fit-and-finish options. Upon implementation of our comprehensive Third Party Quality Assurance Program, Quality Built will assist your organization in producing a well-constructed property with minimal loss, satisfy your insurance company’s requirements and add significant value overall.


  • Slab-on-Grade / Foundations / Post Tension
  • Concrete Placement
  • Engineered Unit Masonry
  • Vertical load bearing components
  • Horizontal load bearing components
  • Critical connections / Bracing
  • Vertical Structural Wood Framing
  • Roof Framing / Sheathing
  • Wall Framing / Sheathing
  • Floor Framing / Sheathing
  • Pre-Engineered Wood Trusses
  • Engineered Wood / Heavy Timber
  • Light Gauge Metal Framing / Sheathing
  • Interior Framing / Insulation / Fire-Partitions
  • Window / Door Attachments
  • Balconies / Railings

Building Services

  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Building Envelope

  • Vapor Barrier / Laps / Penetration /Mill Thickness
  • Door Thresholds / Sealants / Installation
  • Glass & Glazing / ASTM-AAMA Spray Testing
  • Window & Door Caulking / Overall Impermeability
  • Exterior Wall Penetrations / Sealants
  • Shower Pan Installation
  • Roofing System Dry-In / Roof Flashing / Lead Shields
  • Roof Tile/Shingle Progress / Roof Final Inspections
  • Weather Resistant Barrier Installation

Specialty Modules

  • Sound attenuation / Typical wall installations
  • Vibration isolation / Noise control
  • Insulation – Attic/Wall/ Slab
  • Life Safety / Safeguards / Means of Egress
  • ADA / Fair Housing compliance
  • Fire Proofing / Rated assemblies
  • Decorative cementitious coatings / Stucco
  • Fit and Finish
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