Fending Off Florida's Billion Dollar Stucco Issue

There is an epidemic spreading in the the Florida construction industry. Cracked, peeling, leaking stucco, and rotting of stucco substrates has caused an abundance of builders to face harsh lawsuits. There are a number of reasons why such excessive stucco failures are occurring in this particular region, a few include the following:

  • Improper application, including improper thickness and improper timing of appliaction
  • Failure to follow building codes
  • Poor window and door installation
  • Short Roof overhangs

Stucco is a porous product, and it also does not help that Florida has a hot and humid climate with frequent rainfall and high ground water. However, preventative measures can be taken, and poor workmanship is not to be tolerated. Poor installation practices will result in water and air intrusion, which are the main contributors of the cracking and rotting of stucco substrates. Water intrusion is the largest generator of construction defect claims and insurance losses.

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