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The building envelope is one of the most critical elements of any structure. Thus, hiring a qualified building envelope expert offers a reasonable assurance against construction defects.

Being the nation’s leading construction quality assurance firm, we are able to provide a unique perspective: our systematic approach to quality was developed by analyzing over 1,200 construction defect cases and participating in the root cause analysis of thousands of building failures. Moreover, our ISO 9001:2008 certification of our Quality Management System validates that we are consistent in all of our quality assurance endeavors. We provide professional design review, on-site quality assurance, and condition assessments of all building envelope systems. This protocol allows us to identify issues before they arise, ultimately saving time and money for all parties involved.

Quality Built’s team identify code and design deficiencies within the building envelope design; provides detailed comments on exterior envelope details and specifications; identifies efficiencies, alternative materials; and makes recommendations to maximize resources to validate the performance and durability of the building envelope.

A good design has to be supported by site inspection and testing efforts to ensure a correct installation. Our plan review, coupled with our inspections and spray testing, is simply the best technique to protect your investment.

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