If disaster strikes, will you have the right tools to effectively respond?
Quality Built Rapid Response minimizes the impact of overwhelming challenges with the necessary preparations, data collection and first response assessors ready to be on site after any catastrophic event.

Quality Built, LLC the industry leader in Mass Inspection Management Systems has developed QB Rapid Response, a catastrophic data collection and reporting network specific to assessing property condition immediately following any natural or human-caused disaster.

Quality Built’s advanced proprietary software and IT platform will be utilized to collect data and transmit data when possible. Back-up processes exist for all procedures in the event that technology may be relied upon. Data collection is communicated to the Quality Built Information Network (QBIN) within minutes and can be modified and communicated as circumstances dictate. Data collected can be simultaneously shared with multiple stakeholders in real time. Additionally Quality Built, LLC allows property owners to be proactive by communicating information about their property by navigating through a series of questions and uploading photographs as directed by the web access page. This system allows a full response team to perform a second tier assessment through virtual inspections and facilitate proper allocation of resources to areas most needed and ready to receive connection.

KEY AREAS Advantages of the QB’s Rapid Response program include:

  • Nationwide service
  • Pre-Negotiated Damage Assessment Fees “No Price Gouging”
  • Pre-Registration of Properties, including vital property information, photo documentation and asset inventory
  • Accelerated assessments equal an expedited and more efficient recovery
  • Detailed reporting that is cataloged and archived for future access
  • Peace of mind for part-time residents, property managers, property owners
    • Login to see your property post catastrophe
    • Frees up your time to care for family, friends and pets
    • Eliminates need to compete for resources
    • Speeds up the claims handling process and repairs
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