A Technical Plan Review is an integral part of any comprehensive Risk Management program. Quality Built® specializes in providing comprehensive, multi-disciplined Plan Review Services.

Our own team of expert and experienced professional engineers, master code professionals and certified plan examiners identify code and design deficiencies. Their detailed comments on non-compliant items and alternate design options help improve constructability, minimize liability, eliminate costly errors and can even expedite the building department’s plan review process.

Quality Built supports designers, owners and financially interested parties in developing safe, constructible and efficient buildings that comply with all applicable building codes. QB’s typical plan
review involves:

  • Avoidance of errors, omissions, voids and conflicts between drawing sheets, sections of drawings and specifications
  • Completeness of design details and specifications
  • Completeness and appropriateness of specified systems,
    equipment and materials
  • Sufficiency of drawings and details to allow standard constructability, means and methods
  • Review for design and specific code violations and conflicts
  • Perform general plan coordination review and quality control
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