Whole Risk Management

Whole Risk Management is achieved when the knowledge, standards and specifications of installers, inspectors and builder representatives are aligned to develop a common risk management framework. To achieve true synergy, QB has created a closed loop system that leverages collaboration and technology to predict, control and eliminate risk. The goal is to address inconsistencies from the design stage all the way through the build to ensure quality and long-term construction.

Whole Risk Management Framework:

  1. Collaboration and communication through QB’s proprietary technology.
  2. Coordination of standards and specifications amongst builders, product manufacturers, distributers, installers, design professionals and third-party QA providers.
  3. Preconstruction coordination.
  4. Education and certification of installers, inspectors and builder representatives.
  5. Inspections to verify compliance:
    1. Communication of results to appropriate stakeholders.
    2. Response to data to promote continual process improvement.
  6. Certification for each home completed in the program.

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